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We appreciate all your feedback about our alignment of your Spyder.

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The ride back to Indiana was great. Coming to Spyderfest the trip was made in two days, due to the neck and shoulder strain. On the way home we took US 60 many more curves and hills, but no strain. Thanks for making my return trip more enjoyable.


Clair and Vicky,

It was great to meet you, and having the align done was probably the best thing I could have done.  It made a huge difference in the way the bike handles.  I've only had it since July 13 so I really didn't know what a difference it would make.
Take Care,


Thanks so much  for the alignment.  The improvement was immediate!!  I stayed in a friend’s condo in Branson and drove to Springfield each day.  I’m now ready for the Owner’s Event in Durango.  Hope to see you there.

I also had Harvey add a sway bar the next day.  Both things have made it like a new Spyder.




It was great to meet you and Vicky. 

I had the 4500 mile service done yesterday and the tech put in the missing data that you discovered.  I noticed better handling on the ride home from the service.  The ride from Springfield to CO was better than the ride from CO to Springfield. The RT-S seems to now track better and the steering is more consistent and takes less effort when turning either left or right.

I hope to see you in Durango in June.    



Hi Clair,
Alignment seems to be just fine. Didn't make eureka springs and decided to start home early. Got to dodge city Friday evening and transmission locked up in third. Friend drive all night with a trailer to get me and the bike back to the dealer here in Colorado Springs. 
The issue was just a matter of me getting used to a slight difference and that's all.  Everything you did was fine and I appreciate your concern.  Business just isn't done like this anymore so your inquiry comes with a great deal of appreciation.

Best regards and. And many thanks,  Jon